Icon added for failed/delivered message to active campaigns page

Icons were added to indicate the sent and delivery status of text messages. The icons display in Inboxes and Campaign Activity. A green check appears next to messages that were successfully sent. If the message is successfully delivered, it remains a green check mark. If the message fails to be delivered, the green check mark changes to a red exclamation point. The red exclamation point has a tooltip to indicate why the message failed to deliver.

Contact reset date improvement

On the Quotas - Contract Limits page, the contact reset date now displays as the next future reset date. This is an update to a previous release, more information can be found here.

Suggested content is now visible to texting agents

Texting agents can now view which resources have already been provided to a texting recipient via the suggested content action buttons. These action buttons are the suggested content that appears when the chatbot does not have a direct response but rather offers suggestions for content. The suggested content that was provided in a texting conversation can be viewed in Campaign Activity (and Inboxes if the conversation is escalated to an agent). When the texting agent is viewing the conversation in Campaign Activity the action buttons are disabled.