Texting (Campaigns)

1:1 Texting

1:1 Texting allows clients to send a text to a single phone number without creating and launching a campaign. Additionally, the texting agent can initiate the 1:1 Text without first receiving a text from the student via a reusable phone number. This facilitates better one-to-one communication management between clients and their students outside the constraints of a typical Campaign.

Renaming “Campaigns” Product to “Texting”

With the introduction of the 1:1 Texting feature, it was necessary to rename our Campaigns product to “Texting” to more accurately describe our product since it includes both batch texting (Campaigns) and individual/single texting (1:1 Texting). Therefore, the “Campaigns” tab in the navigation panel in the Client Admin is now “Texting” and the subtabs “Analytics”, “Active”, and “Archive” are now “Campaign Analytics”, “Active Campaigns”, and “Archived Campaigns”.  Permissions have also been renamed in Client Admin>Permissions Manager. User roles are now “Texting - Administrative”, “Texting - Standard”, and “Texting - Limited”.