When planning to utilize Texting Campaigns, there are several ideas to share for the best implementation.  We will review setups for both the system and administrator and also for the Campaign agents.

Administrator Setups

  • Testing
    • There is no "test" environment for Texting Campaigns. With permission, utilize staff phone numbers to create a 3 - 10 person contact list (Name/mobile phone/email) so all new Campaign admins/agents may generate sample Campaigns (from scratch, library, or cloned).
    • In addition, as you begin, add yourself and another staff member to your contact lists.  One as the first contact and the other as the last contact.  This way you will receive the message alongside your students and can confirm the completion of the Campaign.
  • Contact Lists
    • Think about the groups/cohorts of students you want to nudge throughout the academic year. You may have several lists and use cases for each contact list. If you load these first before creating a Campaign you can eliminate duplicate lists and establish consistency in your Campaigns.
    • Clone an existing contact list if you have a few students to add or remove from the list. Load a new contact list when you have significant changes that take more time to clean up an existing list than to upload a completely new one.
    • If you do not have a header row in your CSV file, select "header row". If the field does not have a title, you will be prompted to create one.
    • Include date information when naming your contact list, i.e.,  20-21 Admissions Applicants 1/1/21
    • Include Tags when helpful, i.e. Fall applicants 21/22, Spring applicants 21/22, FAFSA Follow-up, Graduation Requirements, Testing Requirements
    • If initiating an agent-backed Campaign with multiple agents, consider separating the contact list for cohorts by agent so each agent may engage with their assigned cohort in the Active Campaign.  Utilize Tags when creating a clear delineation between agents.
  • Use Reusable Phone Numbers
    • Set up reusable phone numbers for specific uses. 
      • Open reusable phone number, not used in Campaigns - you can set up a reusable phone number to promote to your student population as a number assigned to a specific office or a counselor to text anytime. This number can be agent-backed or bot-backed. If the reusable phone number is agent-backed, you can set the inbox settings for the responses to be sent to either an Office inbox or a specific agent. See the Utilizing Reusable Number article, for more information. 
      • Assign reusable phone numbers to specific offices to be used in Campaigns - this creates a recognizable phone number students can recognize as communication coming from one office.
    • Using reusable phone numbers also creates a better user experience. If a student responds to a Campaign after it has been archived, the message will follow the unsolicited message settings of the reusable phone number. 

Agent Setups

  • Establish an internal policy to respond to agent-backed Campaigns within a specific time period, i.e. 24 - 48 hours.
  • Establish an internal policy to review bot-backed Campaigns within a specific time period, i.e. 24 - 48 hours.