SFTP Users can be created from the Integrations -> SFTP Users Menu:

Creating a new user requires you to enter the username desired, their public SSH Key for authentication, and optionally provide a description:

Public keys must be a maximum of 2048bit and begin with “ssh-rsa “ as described by the Regular Expression “^ssh-rsa\s+[A-Za-z0-9+/]+[=]{0,3}(\s+.+)?\s*$

Once you’ve created a user and connected to the SFTP server you can transfer the .csv file to the folder you are in by default. Ocelot will automatically move the file from that folder to process it and make it available within the software after a small delay (within 5 minutes).  

Once processed the file will be available from the Contact Management -> Contact Lists -> Add Contact list page within the “Select From Server” tab:

Select the file you wish to import and follow the same steps to map fields and import as before. 

Files within the “Select From Server” tab will be automatically removed after two weeks of non-use. This means if you upload a file and never import it, after two weeks it will be discarded. However, if you upload a file and import it once a week it will never be deleted (importing the file resets that file’s two-week lifespan). 

Note: Using SFTP to upload contacts does not circumvent any other issues with a large-file upload.  Meaning, sometimes a large-file upload errors out and this SFTP process won't serve as a workaround for that issue.