Menu Reorganization

The Client Admin menu has been re-organized. Items are laid out in “Product -> Function” fashion with system-wide or high priority items taking top-level menu positions.  All pages have remained (none of them have been split up, combined, or removed) and simply moved the correct product or system-wide category.


Suggested Content

Suggested content in the chatbot has been reprioritized to be displayed to a user in the following order: suggested questions, videos, and last URL links. This enhancement also reverted the number of URL links back to a maximum of four.


Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP) for Contact Upload

This new feature is available for Campaigns and allows users to upload contact list files directly to Ocelot via SFTP instead of via browser-based upload. This option allows for a variety of automation options to be utilized and still maintains the same workflow for mapping and file usage.