This guide will show you how to install the "Contact Lookup" Saved Query in Slate in a manner that it can be utilized in Ocelot's direct integration.  

The "Contact Lookup" query is an important piece of the interaction to export from Ocelot to Slate.  

A] Installing Contact Lookup Query

Start at the Navigation bar.

Click the "Database" item on the "Database" menu.

This will bring up the Database page, where many Slate administrative pages are available. In the Configurations section, select the "Briefcase Import" link.

Import Query from Briefcase

This will bring up the briefcase page.

Select the area with the hint text "Briefcase ID".  Enter the following briefcase ID into the selected area:

Press the "Add to Database" button. This will import the "Contact Lookup" query then bring up the "Edit Contact Lookup" page.

B] Configure the "Contact Lookup" Query

Next we configure the "Contact Lookup" Query so that it can be utilized in the integration with Ocelot. Configuration requires editing only a few settings in the "Contact Lookup" Query.

Edit Permissions

From the "Edit Query" page, its permission settings are edited next. Find the set of buttons near the upper right corner of the page.

Press the "Edit Permissions" button.  This will bring up the "Edit Permissions" dialog.

Press on the "Add Grantee" link.  This will bring up the "Edit Grantee" dialog. Set the type to "User Token".

The Name, Token, and Permissions fields will appear in the "Edit Grantee" dialog.

Enter "OcelotAPI" in the name field.

Select the Web Service permission.

Press "Save". This will return us to the "Edit Permissions" dialog. 

Our grantee will now be listed.

Press the "Save" button.  This will return us to the "Edit Query" page.

C] Capture Web Service URL

Press on the "JSON" link to the right of the "Web Service" label.  This will bring up the "Web Service" dialog.

For "Service Account", select the User Token we created.

The "URL" field will then appear.  Capture the full URL and keep it in a safe location.  The full URL will be used when registering the "Contact Lookup" Query in Ocelot.

Press "Close".  This will return us to the "Edit Query" page.

At this point we have the Web Service URL that points to the "Contact Lookup" query in Slate.