What is ServiceNow?
ServiceNow is a SaaS solution that specializes in digital workflows to connect people, information, functions, and systems across an organization.  Schools often use this product as a knowledge base management tool to curate policies, procedures, and help guides.

How does Ocelot - ServiceNow Integration Work?
Ocelot’s ServiceNow integration allows the chatbot to include a school’s ServiceNow knowledge base in its search.

When a student asks the chatbot a question, the chatbot searches its General Library and Custom Questions to return the highest relevant answers to the student.  With the ServiceNow integration, the chatbot also searches the school’s ServiceNow knowledge base and returns links to relevant answers based on keyword matches.  These links will appear either in line with the chatbot responses (Expanded - Legacy view) or on the links button on the chatbot explore bar (Compact - Default view).

The Ocelot ServiceNow link query integration enhances response in chatbot conversations with query links with search results from the client's ServiceNow to query for public documents. Returned links are hardcoded to point to the user's default, school-themed "Service Portal" with the URL path `/sp`.

This integration is useful to schools that have curated information such as school policies, procedures, and help guides in ServiceNow and want to surface this information to chatbot end users.