This section of the user guide is focused on managing your inbox. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What is the Inbox?

The inbox section is a workflow management tool that eliminates the need to jump between separate active campaigns in order to manage and respond to incoming text messages and facilitates both personal and collaborative management of campaigns.

All texting users have a personal inbox and access to the inbox(es) for the offices associated with their user account. Users can subscribe to campaigns they have access to but were not originally assigned.

Personal and office inboxes can be assigned when creating a campaign. 

Who has access to the Inbox?

The Inbox is available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I access the Inbox page?

  1. On the navigation pane, select the Inbox page.
  2. There are two types of conversations that will appear on the inbox page: 
    1. Campaign-Only will show only the conversation associated with a Campaign. 
    2. Unsolicited/1:1 Texting conversations are associated with a reusable phone number. All conversation history associated with that reusable phone number (1:1 Text/Unsolicited Messages/Campaigns) will be included in the conversation.
  3. The inbox page is divided into two sections:
    1. Needs Attention tab
      • Any text message (campaign/1:1 text) that Needs Attention will appear on this tab.
      • The message will appear in all inboxes associated with the agent-backed campaign or default reusable phone number settings.
      • Campaigns where the IDK Type field is set to “Agent”
      • Messages that are manually toggled to Needs Attention.
    2. Participating tab
      • Once you have actively participated in a conversation, but it no longer Needs Attention, the conversation will move to the Participating tab.   
      • The message will move back to the Needs Attention tab if the contact responds.
Note: The message will appear in the Needs Attention tab for all agents that have permission to the message.

How do I filter and search within my inbox?

  • Inbox messages can be searched by the contact's name, phone number, or words within the message.
  • The inbox can be filtered by agent-backed or bot-backed campaigns.
  • The All Inboxes dropdown allows you to filter messages by your Personal Inbox and any office your user account is associated with. 
  • The Campaign dropdown allows you to filter messages by either All Conversations or No Campaigns.
    • All Conversations - Shows both 1:1 text and campaign conversations.
    • No Campaigns - Will only show 1:1 text conversations

How do I manage my inbox?

On the Conversation Selection Panel, messages will be listed with the contact name (or phone number, if the phone number is not associated with an active contact list) the most recent message, and the timestamp of the most recent message.

  • The most recent message will appear at the top.
  • Unread messages are bolded.

The Active Conversation Panel will display the full conversation that was selected. The Active Conversation Panel has the same functionality as the campaign's Active Conversations Activity tab.

An icon is displayed in the inbox (both in the preview panel and the conversation) to indicate if the interaction/message was associated with a Campaign or a 1:1 text.

  • The tooltip for a 1:1 interaction is “1:1 Text”. The tooltip for a campaign interaction is “[Name of Campaign] Campaign”. 
  • The icon that displays in the preview panel (left pane) is based on the most recent interaction.
1:1 Text Message


In the conversation panel, if another agent is responding to the message, the agent's name will display. 

How do I manage subscriptions for my inbox?

You can subscribe to a campaign from the Inbox's Manage Subscriptions button or from within a campaign when a campaign is in a draft or scheduled status

To subscribe to a campaign from within the inbox, in the top right-hand corner, select the Manage Subscriptions button.

On the Manage Subscriptions modal, only the campaigns that your user permissions allow you to access will appear.

  • The modal will display the name of the campaign, the office, the status of the campaign, and what inboxes are currently assigned to the campaign.
  • Campaigns you are already subscribed to will appear at the top.
  • Select the checkbox next to the campaign to subscribe to a campaign and select Done.

Search and Filter

  • Use the search bar to search for specific campaigns by their title.
  • You can filter the campaigns by Office, Status (draft/scheduled/active), and whether or not you are already subscribed to the campaign with the Subscribed toggle.

How do I set my inbox notifications?

On the Notification Settings page, review the Inbox message notifications section.

  • The Inbox Message Notifications will sound when there is a new message that needs attention in your inbox.
  • The admin portal must be open within your browser for the notification to sound.

For more information on configuring your notification, review the Enabling Notifications and Alerts article.