The Look & Feel page allows those with Administrator-level access to configure chatbot interface settings globally and on a per-campus/office basis. 

There are 2 setting levels for the Look and Feel page:

  1. Default/No Office -  Represents the global settings for your chatbot.  
  2. Per Office (or Department) - If Office-based settings are configured, they will override the global settings for that particular office.

On the Look & Feel page, schools can set preferences for the following areas:

Button Settings - The position and button style of the chatbot

Launcher Settings - The text used on the display of the chatbot button and the callout text of the chatbot button

Welcome Message - The text used on the top of the open chatbot window

Click the "Edit" icon to revise the settings at the "Default / No Office" level.

To revise at the Office level, click the "Office" tab and then open the office where you want to make the Look & Feel updates.  Click the "Edit" icon to make changes at the office/department level.

Button Settings

Schools can update the Button placement.  

  • The position can be set to Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right, Top-Left, or Top-Right.
  • When the "Roaming Button" is set to on, the chatbot button will float to the top or bottom setting, so that the chatbot button will not cover content in the header (when the chatbot button is set to upper position) or cover content in the footer (when the chatbot button is set to the lower position).
  • If you select the "Button Style" option of "Callout Bubble", you will have the option to edit text in the Callout Heading and the Callout Welcome Message fields.
  • To have the bot automatically load open when you visit a page, add "#bot" to the end of any URL where the bot is embedded. When you click the URL the bot will load open.

Launcher Settings

Schools can update the text in the Launcher Settings for both the top of the chatbot button and also in the callout bubble area.

Welcome Message

Schools can update the text in the Welcome Message Settings.  This is the text that appears at the top of an open chatbot button window.