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What are the Look & Feel settings?

The Look & Feel settings allow you to edit the welcome message and launcher button settings of the chatbot.

Who has access to the Look & Feel page?

The Look & Feel page is available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do edit the Look & Feel settings?

  1. Under the Chatbot section, select Look & Feel.
  2. The look and feel settings can be configured both as a default (global) setting or by office. 
    • The look and feel settings may be impacted by the embed code that you using and if you have set up URL matching on the Office tab of the Look & Feel page. 
      For more information on the embed code, review the Embedding the Chatbot article.
      For more information on how to set up URL matching, review the Look & Feel: URL Matching article.
      • To edit the Default/No Office settings, select the edit icon.
      • To edit the Office settings, select the Office tab. Then select the dropdown arrow next to the office and the edit icon.
        Note: The only difference between the Default/No Office settings and the Office settings is ability to edit the URL Matching settings for each office.
        • Button Settings
          Schools can update the position and style of the Launcher Button.  
          • The Position dropdown determines where the launcher button will appear on the webpage. 
          • The Button Style dropdown determines the style of launcher button. There are two options, Simple and Callout Bubble.
          • Simple style

          • Callout Bubble style
          • If you select the Callout Bubble option, you will have the option to edit the Callout Heading and Callout Welcome Message under the Launcher Settings section.
          • The Roaming Button option determines if the chatbot launcher will float to the top or bottom of the webpage so that the chatbot launcher will not cover content in the header or footer.
          • The Include Avatar option is only available for the Simple launcher style.
            • If the Include Avatar option is Off, the chat icon will appear.

            • If the Include Avatar option is On, their avatar will appear.
        • Launcher Settings 

          Schools can update the text for both the Simple launcher button style and the Callout Bubble launcher style. 
          • Simple launcher button style - the Launch Button Text can be edited.
          • Callout Bubble launcher button style - the Callout Heading field and Callout Welcome Message field can be edited. 
        • Welcome Message

          Schools can update the text in the Welcome Message field.  This is the text that appears at the top of an open chatbot button window.