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In order for page-based statistics, office-specific Look & Feel settings, and office-specific Behavior Settings to take effect, you will need to add the main domains where the chatbot is embedded on your office/departmental pages. This is called URL matching. Administrative-level admin users can only update URL matching. 

Steps to update URL matching

  1. To update URL Matching, go to the Look & Feel tab of the Ocelot Admin Portal, and select the Office tab. 
  2. Open the dropdown for the office you want to update the URL matching.

  3. Select the Edit button.
  4. Under the URL Matching section, enter the URL and hit the Enter key for each main domain path. Additional information regarding URL domain paths is below.
  5. Select Save.


URL Domain Paths

The main domain is the URL path that is shared across all of your departmental web pages. All subdomains, such as the “apply” and “forms” pages, will also adhere to the matched main domain settings.

  • For example, if the bot is embedded on centennial.edu/admissions/applycentennial.edu/admissions/forms, and centennial.edu/admissions, then only the centennial.edu/admissions URL needs to be matched. 
    • The matched URL should stop before any other words/characters become different for the additional URLs you want to be included in your analytics, behavior settings, and look & feel settings associated with that office.
  • Unless you are matching an individual page with no additional sub-domains, do not include index.html, .edu, .html, etc.
  • The matched URL should not contain a trailing/character at the end of the URL. For example, add the URL as "centennial.edu/admissions" not "centennial.edu/admissions/".

If multiple departments share a main domain, it will match that domain until another unique domain is recognized. 

  • See the example below, we will match to Admissions any URL that begins with centennial.edu/admissions until we encounter a URL that starts with centennial.edu/admission/financialaid. Any page that has centennial.edu/admissions/financialaid will be matched to Financial Aid.

DepartmentURL's Chatbot is Embedded
Matched URL
Financial Aidcentennial.edu/admissions/financialaid

If a URL is not matched it will follow the "default/no office" settings.

If the chatbot is embedded on a page that is not associated with a purchased office, Ocelot recommends not URL Matching the web page and it will follow the default/no office settings.