Creating a Yes/No Campaign

When creating a Campaign there is a new option Content Type which defines the Campaign as either a Simple message (default experience) or a Yes/No Question

Campaign Setup

Content Type

Selecting Yes/No Question prompts the user to ensure they are phrasing the question in a yes/no manner:   

This adds a new section of the form below the Message called Response Management containing additional options on how to handle responses that can be automatically understood as Yes type or No type. All other responses will be considered Other.  

Responses classified as Other will automatically be escalated to 'Needs Attention' to be responded to by a Texting agent. The user will receive the following notification:

The Response Management section allows you to customize how the campaign will handle Yes or No responses.

  • Escalate to “Needs Attention” 

Enabling this will escalate a conversation to “Needs Attention” when the response type is recognized. Example: “If anyone says no to this I want an agent to follow up with them on why etc” 

  • Auto-Respond Message

Entering a message here will automatically respond to a conversation that has the specified response type recognized with that message. This field is optional.

Example: If someone says “Yes”, I want to respond “Thank you we have received your response!”

Analytics & Reporting


Within the Campaign -> Analytics page there is a chart for Response Values: 


  • Yes are the number of recognized “Yes” responses to the initial message
  • No is the number of recognized “No” responses to the initial message
  • Other is the number of un-recognized responses to the initial message
  • Not yet responded are the number of contacts that did not respond

Contact List Sorting and Filtering

Within the Campaign -> Contacts page there is a new column Response Value available for both sorting and filtering:  

This, combined with the “Create new contact List” button enables you to create a secondary contact list for follow-up from all contacts who responded Yes, No, Other, or did not respond.

Managing Response Value

The system will attempt to automatically detect the response when contacts reply to your message; if the system cannot detect their intent, detects it wrong, or they change their answer after further discussion, then you can manually override the response value within the conversation: