There are two charts at the top of the page related to Texting. 

Active Numbers - shows the number of provisioned numbers by your institution and how many more phone numbers your institution can provision.

Unique Contacts - shows the number of unique contacts created through contact lists associated with your institution.

  • The Reset Date displays the next future reset date.
    • Contact your client success manager if you would like your reset dates and unique contact limit to based on any of the following:
      • The reset date to reflect your launch date or your entire multi-year contract.
      • The unique contact limit to reflect the entire multi-year contract, not just one year

The following chart shows the number of Active (Provisioned) Numbers broken out by campus/office.

If you click the toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the graph, you can click on the option Provisioning Over Time.

The Provisioning Over Time graph shows the number of provisioned phone numbers by date.