This section of the user guide is focused on the texting sections of the Contract Limits page. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What are Texting Contract Limits?

The Texting Contract Limits page tracks the number of active numbers and unique contacts compared to what is in your contract.

Who has access to the Texting Contract Limits page?

The Texting Contract Limits page is available to individuals with the following permissions: 




View Other Offices

Contract Limits

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I access the Texting Contract Limits page?

On the navigation page, under Quotas & Account, select Contract Limits.

The two sections to the right are related to texting. 

  • Texting
    • Active Numbers - shows the number of provisioned numbers by your institution and how many more phone numbers your institution can provision.
    • Unique Contacts - shows the number of unique contacts to which successful text messages have been sent.
      • The Reset Date displays the next future reset date.
        Contact your client success manager if you would like your reset dates and unique contact limit based on any of the following:						
        • The reset date to reflect your launch date or your entire multi-year contract.
        • The unique contact limit to reflect the entire multi-year contract, not just one year

  • Active Numbers
    • The Active Numbers chart shows the number of active (provisioned) numbers broken out by campus/office.
    • If you select the toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the graph, you can click on the option Provisioning Over Time.
    • The Provisioning Over Time graph shows the number of provisioned phone numbers by date.