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Ocelot aims to empower you with the student engagement solutions essential for your success. Our Ocelot LABS customer webinars are meticulously crafted to help you optimize efficiencies and enhance your learning experience. 


Recording: Maximizing Campus Engagement

Webinar date: April 30, 2024 

Best Practices for Promoting Student Preferred Communication Channels Across Campus

Explore practical strategies for maximizing campus engagement with the Ocelot Virtual Assistant, powered by AI. Join experts Daria Averbach and Nizam Yusuf to learn promotion techniques, integration insights, and community connection secrets to enhance student communication and support services.

Recording: Optimizing Content within Ocelot AI 
Webinar date: March 28, 2024
Join us for a transformative session as hosts, Justin Peterson, Client Success Director, and Candace Kauffman, Director of AI Conversation Design, guide you through actionable insights to enhance your chatbot's content within Ocelot AI. This webinar focuses on minimizing "I Don't Know" responses to student questions.

Recording: Activating Spiders 2.0 
Webinar date: February 14, 2024
This masterclass is designed to show you how this new self-service feature from Ocelot will help you create and manage web scrapers, making the entire process much more efficient.


Recording: Ocelot AI-powered Two-Way Texting 
Webinar date: February 22, 2024
In this informative feature launch Ocelot LABS webinar, we unveild the latest advancements in Ocelot AI-powered Two-Way Texting. This 30-minute session showcases Schedule Calendar View for Easy Scheduling, Simplified Campaign Creation Flow, Efficient Multi-department Management, Reusable Phone Numbers, and much more.

Video Library

Recording: Empowering Students Through Visual Learning
Webinar date: April 2, 2024
This session will delve into the transformative impact of using videos in communication strategies for higher institutions, showcasing success stories and best practices to enhance engagement and clarity in information delivery, ultimately reducing routine student inquiries. Kamia "Mia" Mwango, Senior Director of Financial Aid, will be sharing insights on how they use video to elevate student engagement at Santa Fe College.