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Embedding video content right into your website is the most effective method to get 24/7 answers to your students quickly and efficiently. In this document, you will find recommendations of content in your video portal that you can embed in your existing web pages.

Admin System Overview Video

Watch this 2 min video about how to navigate the Video Portal Admin

How to Embed

Embedding videos is easy:

  1. Log in to your Ocelot Admin Portal.  
    If you are also subscribed to the chatbot and find yourself in that admin environment, toggle over to the video admin by clicking on your institution’s name at the top of the navigation pane, which is accessible from the top-left corner icon.

  1. Using the navigation pane, which is accessible from the top-left corner icon, navigate to the Embed section. Follow the built-in process to find the recommended video/playlist and copy the applicable embed code.

  2. Through your web management system, paste the code into the applicable web page.

Embedding Assistance Video

Watch this 2-minute video, reference step 2 of the Video Implementation Guide, or contact your Client Success Manager.

Top Recommendations

The following recommendations are the top ways to effectively increase the visibility of the content in your video portal and thus immediately maximize its value. Videos can be embedded either as ‘Responsive’ (mobile-friendly) or in various fixed sizes. You can also use a thumbnail that uses a pop-up window, which can be a great space-saver on your web page. 

Financial Aid Homepage

  • Consider adding a graphic linked to your video portal. Keep the graphic available as the viewer visits different pages so that answers are always just one click away. Choose from our available graphics, which include the examples below. Graphics can be customized with your school’s colors upon request:

Financial Aid Policies

  • On the Financial Aid Policies or Satisfactory Academic Progress page, you could add the What does SAP stand for? video in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) playlist.


  • On the Grants page, consider adding the Grant Programs playlist on this page. 



  • On the Scholarships page, consider adding the Scholarships playlist on this page. 

Work Study

Applying for Financial Aid

VA Benefits

Financial Literacy

  • On the Financial Literacy Homepage, consider adding the Budgeting playlist.

Need More Ideas?

As you consider where to add features and how to prioritize the additions, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Draw inspiration from themes you see in frequently asked questions from your students and parents. Embed videos on your main web pages that address these concerns. 

  • Ensure that the video portal is consistently represented across your website, even if it’s simply through a graphic linked to your portal. The more visual it is for students, the more they will come to trust the resource as a way to get questions answered.

  • Check out examples of video implementations and promotions from some other schools:

Additional Promotional Ideas

Promo Tips Video

Watch this video about How to Use Videos on Social Media and Email Communications

Questions and Feedback

Don’t hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager with any questions or feedback!