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Admin Guide: 

Setting Up Your User Account

Logging into the Ocelot Admin system is now more secure than ever. Per Department of Education recommendations, Two Factor Authentication will now be a requirement for access to Ocelot’s platform. 

If you do not have an account set up, please get in touch with your Permissions Manager to have an account created for you. 

Once Ocelot has set up your account, you will receive an email from noreply@ocelotbot.com. Select the link to set up your password and Two-Factor Authentication. 

  1. Create your password and select the Save and log in button
  2. Set up Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication (or “2FA”) offers two methods of authentication available: 

Ocelot recommends using SMS (text) messages unless you are familiar with Google Authenticator.

Option 1: Google Authenticator

There are two options to get set up 2FA using Google Authenticator:

Downloadable Google Authenticator App

        Download the Google Authenticator app to your computer or other mobile devices.


  • Scan the QR Code or copy and paste the code manually into your internet browser
  • Enter your one-time code and select the CONFIRM: Enable Google Authenticator two-factor authentication

Authenticator Internet Browser Plug-in Extension

There are various authenticator extensions that you may use. We recommend the Authenticator browser extension that can be used with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  1. Go to authenticator.cc
  2. Select the option to add to your browser
  3. Select Add to [Browser]

  4. Select Add extension to verify that you want to add the extension

  5. The extension should now appear in your browser bar

  6. Select the extension button from the browser bar. Select the pen icon

  7. Select the box with the plus sign

  8. If you are using an internet browser, select the Manual Entry option

  9. In the Issuer field, enter: Ocelot

  10. In the Secret field, from the two-factor authorization page, enter the series of letters after the word secret=

  11. Select Ok

  12. You will be given a six-digit code

  13. Enter the code into the One-Time password field and select CONFIRM: Enable Google Authenticator two-factor authentication button
    *Make sure there are no extra spaces added after the code

  14. Select the Return to Product Admin button to go to the Product Admin

Option 2: SMS (text) Message Authentication

  1. Enter your cell phone number to receive a text with an authentication code

  2. Select the Update my phone number and re(send) verification code button to update your phone number, and send a new verification code

  3. Enter the code sent to you via text message

  4. Select Validate verification code, and the CONFIRM Enable SMS (text) messages with two-factor authentication button

  5. Select the Return to Product Admin button to go to the Product Admin

Two-Factor Authentication settings can be changed anytime on the Edit Profile tab.