If your phone number has changed you may need to update your phone number for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

To update your phone number for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), follow the steps below:

In the Ocelot Admin, in the upper-right corner click on your Profile Icon.

Click Edit Profile.

Click on the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) link to revise the settings for 2FA.

Click the Disable OR Change Two-Factor Authentication Method button.

Click on the Enroll SMS (text message) button to see the SMS (text message) options.  If you opt to use the Enroll Authentication App method, you can follow the instructions from that authenticator application.

Depending on whether you have a verified phone number saved in the Ocelot Authentication portal or not, the screen will look slightly different. 

Type the phone number you want to use in the text box.  The phone number must be able to receive SMS text messages (i.e., do not use a land line phone number) and is suitable for authentication, per your organization's guidelines.

Click Send authentication code to this number.

Enter the verification code received. Click Validate verification code.

In the lower-left corner of the screen, you'll see a confirmation message that the phone number was successfully verified.  

If the phone number was not successfully verified, you would receive an error message. Please submit a Support Ticket for further assistance.

Click the Enable SMS (text) messages two-factor authentication button.

You will see a confirmation that you have been enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication. 

Click Return to Product Admin to access the Client Admin.