Ocelot is continually enhancing the administrative platform to increase your ability to self-serve customizable aspects of the platform. Some examples of recent additions include:

  • Users now have varying levels of permissions based on role.
  • Permissions managers can adjust permission levels for all product users.
  • Administrative-level users are able to customize the look, feel, and behaviors of the chatbot.
  • Users have visibility into product usage quotas (i.e. texts sent to unique contacts, remaining live chat agent licenses available, etc.).

The following areas currently require Ocelot to adjust settings/content in the back-end administrative system:

  • Office name and contact information variables

    • You are able to view and edit all variables with the exception of the office name and contact information variables. Examples of these variables include: 
      • Office-clarifying variables, such as !{office}-office, !{office}office-hours, !{office}contact-number, etc.
      • Office-specific variables, such as !FA-office, !ADMcontact-location, !ACADVcontact-link, etc.
        A detailed explanation of these variables is available in the Office-specific section of the Using Variables in your Responses article.
  • Website URL(s) that are being spidered/crawled

    • Applicable main URL domains are gathered during the set-up process and integrated into the AI knowledge base platform to provide website suggestions for applicable responses.
    • These URLs can be viewed on the Spider page of the admin portal.
      • On the navigation pane, under the Chatbot section, select Spiders.
      • Select the view content icon to view the content.
  • Your chatbot's avatar and colors
    • The chatbot's avatar and colors cannot be changed in the Variables section.

In order to request adjustments for these areas, contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) or submit a support ticket and detail your request.