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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to navigating the admin. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What is the General Library?

The General Library is a collection of questions and responses created by Ocelot that has already been placed into your chatbot’s knowledge base and is ready to function out-of-the-box. Ocelot continually improves the General Library by adding or modifying content due to regulatory updates, industry trends, and client submissions.

General library content is already partially customized with client-specific terms and URLs, and can also be further customized by clients in the Admin Portal. We recommend making sure that you have completed your variables before customizing any general library content. 

For information on updating variables, review the Chatbot Variables article.

Once customized, these questions will be removed from the general library and can be found in the Custom Questions section of your Admin Portal. While responses to general library questions are customizable, the wording of the questions themselves should not be altered in any way. 

Additionally, do not change or delete any office-clarifier variables when editing the responses of the following contact questions.  These questions use office-clarifier variables to trigger the chatbot to ask the user which office they would like to engage with, before displaying the chosen office's information.

For more information on office-clarifier variables, review the office-clarifier section of the Creating a Knowledge Base Response article. 

How can I find content I previously submitted?

To locate previously submitted content, navigate to the Custom Questions page of the Admin Portal. You can search for custom questions by keyword or by filtering by category or library. Published custom questions that meet your search criteria will appear as results. 

You can also search for previously submitted content by using the Test My Bot feature. For more information on using the Test My Bot feature, review the Test Your Bot article.

If you are trying to find a custom question created in the past 24 hours, please note that the question may be awaiting review by our Moderation Queue team. You can search for custom questions that have not yet been published by selecting the Moderation Queue page of the Admin Portal. 

If the question has not been published but was saved as a draft, the content may viewed on the In Review and Drafts page, on the Drafts tab.

How long do UPDATED and NEW tags last on a question when a question is tagged with one?

The UPDATED or NEW tags next to a chatbot question in the knowledge base are visible for 30 days. After that time, the tag will disappear automatically. 

Both the UPDATED and NEW tags indicate content that has been recently added or edited by Ocelot staff.

  • The UPDATED tag indicates that Ocelot staff have recently made a change to the response to a general library question. Responses are most often updated to reflect new guidance from the US Department of Education or other government agencies, to ensure our content maintains regulatory compliance. Ocelot staff may also update general library responses to provide additional clarification or resources that users may find helpful, or in response to client feedback that would be applicable or beneficial to all clients.

  • The NEW tag indicates that Ocelot staff has recently created a new general library question and added the response to the knowledge base. New questions may be created as a result of new programs or policies from the US Department of Education or other government agencies, to provide additional content for existing libraries that will benefit all clients with that library, or in response to client feedback that would be applicable or beneficial to all clients.

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