Knowledge base

The Knowledge base is the chatbot’s brain where the AI works to provide responses to user questions. The Knowledge base has 5 sub-sections:


General Library

  • The General Library is a collection of questions and answers created by Ocelot that are ready to function out-of-the-box. General Library content is already partially customized with your institution's terms and URLs, and can also be fully customized. Ocelot continually monitors and improves the General Library by adding or modifying content due to regulatory updates, industry trends, and client submissions.

Custom Questions
  • Custom questions include any new questions you have created that are specific to your institution or organization. Custom questions also include completed question templates and your customizations of General Library questions. 
  • Your Knowledge base of custom questions is collected and maintained in the Custom Questions section of the admin system. If the question is in this view then it is live in your chatbot’s Knowledge base. Questions can be customized further as needed through the same method highlighted in the General Library section above. Further details on custom questions, including best practices, are outlined in the Test your Bot section of the User Guide

Question Templates

  • Question templates are the top questions that Ocelot recommends you customize in order for your chatbot to be as effective as possible. Until you complete your question templates, your chatbot will provide responses from the General Library. Completing question templates will provide a school-specific experience for your users and reduce the number of IDK ("I Don't Know") responses your chatbot provides. 
  • Further details on question templates, including best practices for completing them, are outlined in the Complete Question Templates section of the User Guide.

Moderation Queue

  • When you submit a new custom question, a team of AI Conversation Design specialists moderate the question to ensure your chatbot is operating at its best. The moderation queue shows the status of your custom questions as they're being reviewed by this team. Questions with a Status of "Pending" in the moderation queue will be reviewed within 2 business days. 

Awaiting Review

  • If you set a review date during content customization or creation, questions with a review date in the next 30 days will appear here. The system will send users with a permission level of Chatbot-Administrator and Chatbot-Standard an email 30 days prior to this review date so the response(s) can be approved as-is or changed as needed. 

  • If you do not review the question by the date, the question will remain on the Awaiting Review tab and will remain your knowledge base.
  • If you mark the question as reviewed and do not remove/update the Review Date, the Review Date will automatically be set to a year from that date.

               Once the question has been marked reviewed it will be removed from the Awaiting Review tab.