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*Includes all enhancements and bug fixes released from 3/11/2024 - 3/22/2024. 


New Features

Content Draft

Streamline the content creation process with enhanced collaboration, quality assurance, and brand consistency. By engaging multiple team members in the review and editing process, we ensure thorough assessments of published General Library questions, published Custom Questions, and new Custom Questions, guaranteeing accurate and timely publications. With transparent revision history tracking, users can easily monitor changes and ensure the polished outcome meets brand standards. Simplify content management and ensure coherence with our intuitive Content Draft feature.

For more information on the content draft feature, review the following articles:


  • Add the ability to delete errored URLs from the spider run log.
  • Added functionality for adjusting creativity and verbosity on the "Only Spiders" setting for the Content Generator.
For more information on the additional functionality within the content generator, review the Creating a Knowledge Base Response article. 


  • Resolved an issue that resulted in an error when performing Quick Scan on the Spider Wizard.

Live Chat


  • Resolved a rare issue that resulted in chats becoming inaccessible after reassignment.