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Across the client admin portal, there is a variety of data that can be exported. Content available to be downloaded will have a save file icon available. 

We have broken out what data is available to be exported by product.



  • Transcripts
  • Interactions
  • Custom Questions
  • Question Templates
  • Moderation Queue
  • Spider Content

The general library cannot be downloaded because it is proprietary information to Ocelot. 

If you need to send a PDF report to someone who is not able to view the Analytics dashboard, you can set the filter at the top of the dashboard to the appropriate date range, and then File>Print to export/print/save it as a PDF. 

Live Chat

  • Transcripts


  • Contact Lists within an Active or Archived Campaign
  • Campaign Analytics - Campaigns table
  • Phone Numbers
  • Transcripts
  • Contacts
  • Contact List (*each list can be exported)
  • Opt-outs

Video Portal

  • Monthly reports