This article provides instructions on how to create and configure a saved query in Slate to be used in Ocelot's direct integration.

Creating a Saved Query in Slate

  1. On the Navigation Bar, under the Database menu, select Database.
  2. On the Queries page, select New Query.
  3. On the New Query dialog box, define a saved query according to the Slate User Guide - Saved Queries in the Slate Knowledge Base. 

    In the Sharing field, select the checkbox Share query with other users with the query and query base permissions.

    All other fields will depend on your instance of Slate.

    Note: Types and Bases for queries are described in the Slate Knowledge Base article Query Builder Overview: Create a Quick Query at the top of its expanded section.


  4. Select the Save button.

  5. On the Edit Query page, define the Exports, Filters, and Sorts sections of the Query.
    The specifics will depend on your instance of Slate.

    Importing a Contact List into Ocelot requires at least one phone-type field. Be sure to export at least one phone field from Slate. 

    Example: Examples of phone fields are Phone, Mobile Phone, Business Phone, or Phone Number

    The phone-like field in the Slate Saved Query result will need to be mapped to a phone field in Ocelot during the contact list import. 

  6. Select the Edit Permissions button on the upper right corner of the page.
  7. On the Edit Permissions dialog page, select the Add Grantee link.
  8. On the Edit Grantee dialog page, set the Type to User Token.

  9. On the Edit Grantee dialog page, the Name, Token, and Permissions fields will appear.

    1. In the Name field, enter OcelotAPI.
    2. In the Permissions field, select the Web Service box.
    3. Select Save

  10. On the Edit Permissions dialog page, the Ocelot Grantee will now be listed. Select Close.

  11. On the Edit Query page, select Edit Web Service.
  12. On the Edit Web Services dialog box, leave the Custom Parameters field blank.  In the Service Type field, select JSON.
  13. Select Edit Permissions to update the web service to be called Ocelot if you have not already configured the Ocelot user permissions within Slate. 

    For more instructions on how to configure Ocelot user permissions, see the Step 1 - Set up Ocelot / Slate Integration: Installing "Get Queries" article.

    If you configured the Grantee name to be OcelotAPI no further configuration is needed, this query will not show up in Ocelot. If you wish to manually add a query with a different Grantee name continue below.

  14. Select Save.

Capture Web Service URL

  1. On the Edit Query page, in the Web Service field, select JSON.

  2. On the Web Services dialog box, from the Service Account dropdown, select User Token - Ocelot.

  3. The URL field will appear. Copy the full URL and paste it into a safe location. The full URL will be used when registering the Get Queries query in the Ocelot Admin Portal.

    For information on registering the Get Queries quiery in the Ocelot Admin Portal, review the Step 4 - Set up Ocelot/Slate Integration: Registering Slate Web Service article.

  4. Select Close.
Continue on to Step 6 - Set up Ocelot / Slate Integration: Importing Contacts from Slate to import contacts into an Ocelot Contact List from Slate to be used in a campaign.