Reusable Numbers

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This section of the user guide is focused on setting up and maintaining reusable phone numbers. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What is a reusable number?

Reusable numbers allow texting end users to associate a phone number with an office. Reusable numbers can be used in campaigns, 1:1 texting, or used as a promoted number end users can text anytime.

Reusable numbers can be set up to be agent-backed or bot-backed. When a reusable number is actively in use in a campaign, the behavior will default to the settings associated with that campaign until that campaign is ended/archived, at which point the reusable number behavior will revert back to the default settings defined at the time of set up.

Who has access to set up a reusable phone number?

The Phone Numbers page is available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I set up a reusable phone number?

Note: Due to industry-wide phone number registration changes, it can take 2 - 10 days for newly provisioned phone numbers to become active.

  1. Under the Texting section, select Phone Numbers.
  2. In the button right-hand corner, select the plus icon.
  3. Complete the form to provision a phone number.
    1. Select the Provision Number button.
      1. Enter the area code for the phone number you want to provision.
      2. Select the phone number you want to provision.
      3. Select Provision Number.
    2. In the Name field, enter a name for the provisioned number.
    3. In the Description field, enter a description of who will use the phone number or how the phone number will be used. 
    4. From Campus/Office dropdown, select the office the phone number will be associated with. 
      Only users associated with this office will be able to initiate a 1:1 text or campaign with this phone number. 
    5. From the Agent dropdown, select the agent that is primarily responsible for the reusable phone number. This is used for organizational purposes only.
    6. Under the Unsolicited Message Settings, from the Response Type dropdown, select Bot or Agent.
      • Bot: If the reusable phone number is sent a text outside of an active campaign, the chatbot will respond to the end user.
      • Agent: If the reusable phone number is sent a text outside of an active campaign, the message will be directed to the inbox(es) set up in the Unsolicited message inbox(es) field.
    7. (Optional) This step only needs to be completed if the Response Type is set to Agent.

      Under the Unsolicited Message Settings, in the Unsolicited Messages Inbox(es) dropdown, select the offices and/or individuals that will receive messages that are not associated with an active campaign.

Viewing the Phone Numbers page

On the Phone Numbers page, there are several columns that display relevant information for the reusable phone number. All columns can be sorted. 

  • Phone Number - This column displays the provisioned reusable phone number.
  • Name - This column displays the name assigned to the phone number.
  • Description - This column displays the description of the phone number. 
  • Agent - This column displays the agent that is responsible for the phone number.
  • Office - This column displays the office the phone number is associated with. 
  • Type -  This column displays whether the phone number is bot-backed or agent-backed.
  • Active Campaign - This column displays the active campaign the phone number is associated with. If blank, the phone number is not being used in a campaign.
  • Campaign Archive Date - This column displays if the phone number is being used in an active campaign, this column will show when the campaign will be archived.
  • Number Type - This column displays the type of phone number, either reusable or single use. 

    Note: A single use phone number means it was provisioned for a campaign and not created to be reused within multiple campaigns.

On the far right, there are three action buttons for reusable phone numbers:

  • Schedule send - This button allows you to view additional scheduled campaigns. If there are no scheduled campaigns for that phone number, the button will be grayed out.
  • Edit - This button allows you to edit the fields and behavior of the reusable phone number.
  • Delete - This button allows you to revoke the reusable phone number as long as it is not in use. If the phone number is in use, the delete button will be grayed out.

How do I search/filter on the Phone Numbers page?

The Phone Numbers page can be searched, filtered, and exported to a CSV file. 

  • Search - The Phone Number page can be searched by the Phone Number, Name, or Active Campaign associated with the phone number.
  • Filter - The Phone Number page can be filtered by Office, Type, Number Type, and Agent.
  • Exported to a CSV file - Select the Save icon to export the list to a CSV file. 

How do I use reusable numbers within a campaign?

When creating a campaign, only reusable phone numbers associated with the office for the campaign will appear as an option. 

The campaign settings will override reusable number settings associated with the campaign is active. Once the campaign is archived, any texts received to the reusable phone number will follow the unsolicited message settings (bot-backed or agent-backed, and the inbox the messages will be delivered to). 

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