Setting Up a Reusable Number

Reusable numbers are provisioned and reserved separately, outside of a Campaign, and are associated primarily with offices, with additional formatting and default settings available. Client users are then able to use and reuse these numbers in Campaigns or leave the reusable number disassociated from Campaigns and manage incoming messages to that number solely from Inboxes. Reusable numbers are also used for 1:1 Texting.

The “behavior” associated with a reusable number (agent backed vs. bot backed) will be defined at the time the reusable number is set up. When a reusable number is actively in use in a Campaign, the behavior will default to the settings associated with that Campaign until that Campaign is ended/archived, at which point the reusable number behavior will revert back to the default settings defined at the time of set up.

  • Navigate to “Phone Numbers” under “Campaigns” in the Client Admin.

  • Click the “Add” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Provision a number and Define Default Settings for this Reusable Number.

  • Fields on Setup Form:

    • Number type

      • Currently one choice only “Reusable”

    • Provisioned Number

      • When first accessing the form, the user is presented with the same orange “Provision Number” button they are presented within the traditional Campaign setup experience and the selector/search offered is the same

    • Name

      • Give the reusable number a name for quick reference in your Phone Numbers list

    • Description

      • Give the reusable number a description to help others understand what this number is used for

    • Campus/Office

      • Give the reusable number a Campus/Office designation to ensure only those associated with your office can see/use this number and

      • To ensure that this number is counted appropriately towards Office Provisioned Number quotas

    • Agent

      • Give the reusable number an Agent assignment to help others understand what Agent is primarily responsible for managing this number

        • This has no other automated workflow function - it is simply a label for organization purposes

    • Inbox(es)

      • Give the reusable number an Inbox destination for when the reusable number isn’t associated with an active Campaign

        • Can be blank, single, or multiple inboxes

          • If left blank and the Response Type is “agent” then incoming messages will not be delivered anywhere

        • The list is dependent on Campus/Office selection and will not be generated until Campus/Office choice is made

        • This is a highlight of the functionality being offered with reusable numbers; text with your students outside of a Campaign and use your Inbox to manage those messages

    • Response Type

      • Give the reusable number a “Type” for when the reusable number isn’t associated with an active Campaign

        • Agent-backed

          • Incoming messages will not receive any automated response and will require manual responses from an agent

          • If selecting agent-backed, clients should be making sure they also select an Inbox

          • Incoming messages flow to defined Inboxes to “Needs Attention” tab

        • Bot-backed

          • Incoming messages are handled by the bot

          • IDK behavior is restricted to the equivalent of the “Default” setting that clients are used to seeing in Campaigns setup. I.e., defined by the office settings that match the office assigned to the reusable number (my financial aid IDK settings float to my financial aid reusable numbers).

          • Client users cannot set a bot-backed reusable number IDK settings to “agent”

  • Note that “Provisioned Number” and “Office" are the only required fields for this form

    • The remaining fields facilitate long-term management of the number and define behavior/routing for when this number is not actively in use in a Campaign but are not required fields.

Viewing/Sorting Reusable Numbers

Reusable numbers will be listed in the “Phone Numbers” section of the Admin under “Texting”.

And will display the following information. All columns are sortable:

The full list is also filterable and can be exported to a .csv file:

Using a Reusable Number in a Campaign

When creating/editing a Campaign, users will now see an expanded “Phone Number” section that includes a section that lists reusable numbers available to the user based on the Campus/Office selection for the Campaign itself.

Note that all Campaign settings override settings associated with your reusable number while the Campaign is Active.

  • Users are presented with the Name and Description of the number, the number, and the current status of that number (“Available” or “In Use” with a link to the Campaign it is associated with).

  • List is searchable

  • List is filterable by Agent and Type (Bot/Agent)

    • Note the “Type” associated with your reusable number is only important if the client user is thinking about how to handle incoming messages from students after the Campaign has ended

      • Agent-backed example: I am an admissions counselor sending a Campaign to prospective students that I am very interested in engaging personally with. I want to make sure I select a reusable number that is agent backed so if one of my contacts from my Campaign texts me after the Campaign ends, that I can personally handle that message.

      • Bot-backed example: I am a financial aid counselor that is sending out a simple FAFSA application reminder. I want to make sure I select a reusable number that is bot backed so if one of my contacts from my Campaign texts me after the Campaign ends, the bot can handle that traffic for me.