What is content locking?

Certain admin users can lock/unlock chatbot Knowledge base content so that other users are unable to edit that content further. A locking widget is available to users with the Chatbot - Administrator role on the content edit screen. Turning on the Content Locking toggle prevents all fields from being edited, except by Chatbot -  Administrators.

The locking widget indicates the locked status, the user who most recently updated the status, and the date and time that the change occurred. 

Who can lock/unlock content?

Admin user with Chatbot - Administrator access are able to lock/unlock Knowledge base content in the General Library, Custom Questions, Question Templates, and Awaiting Review areas within their assigned office(s). 

Locking content prevents all fields from being edited by any user who does not have the Chatbot - Administrator role. Out-of-library (OOL) questions can be locked/unlocked by any Chatbot - Administrator, regardless of office access. Chatbot - Standard users are therefore not able to lock/unlock content, but are still able to edit unlocked content.

What happens when content is locked?

The act of locking content is considered editing the content. Therefore, when locking in the General Library (GL) or Question Templates areas, that content becomes a custom question. All Chatbot users (Administrator, Standard, and Limited) have a “view” button on the Knowledge base > Custom Questions page. The new “view” page is read-only and has a unique URL that can be shared with other users. The view screen includes all information that is on the edit screen, except it is in read-only mode.


Locked content displays a lock icon on the Custom Questions and Awaiting Review pages so that the user does not have to detail into the view screen to determine lock status. When a Chatbot - Standard or Chatbot - Limited user hovers over the lock icon, a tooltip will display that says, “Content cannot be edited.” For Chatbot - Administrators, the displayed tooltip will say, “Content is locked."

If a user is unable to unlock locked content, that user will need to work with a Chatbot - Administrator user to first unlock that content.

If an expiration date is set on a question, that question will still expire on the set date, regardless of its locked status.