Question Templates are top questions that will increase your bot’s effectiveness when customized with school-specific responses. 

Using the navigation pane from the top left corner of the homepage, navigate to the Question Templates area in the Knowledge base.

Use the funnel icon to filter the templates to those that belong to your applicable content area:

Open each question using the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of the question.

Click either Edit to create a custom answer, or Ignore to remove the template from your bot's Knowledge base. If you ignore a template, your chatbot will continue to utilize the response from the General Library, if applicable. Question Templates can not be 'hidden' (and preserved for review at a later time). 

  • Prior to implementing a template, review our Question Template Best Practices below.

  • If implementing the template, edit the question’s response as needed by either completing the template’s instructions or deleting the template language altogether and creating your own custom response before saving.

  • If you choose to edit the text in the Response box, there are a few things to note. Within the textbox, you will see both the Current Response and the Customizable Response. The Current Response shows the answer the chatbot is currently providing to chatbot users. The Customizable Response is a recommended template that you can edit to customize the response to your institution’s specific guidelines. If you choose to customize the response in any way you must delete the Current Response text. Once you start editing the answer, everything that appears in the Response textbox will display in your chatbot including text such as Customizable Response if you do not delete it.

  • In most cases related to Question Templates, you will NOT want the question to expire and be removed from your Knowledge base in the future, but you may want to set a Review Date for the system to remind you in the future to review your response and ensure it remains accurate. 

  • Click Save. Move on to the next Question Template and repeat these steps until all templates are complete.

  • Once all offices have completed all the available templates, the Question Templates counter on the homepage will display that there are no remaining outstanding templates.

Completed templates will go live in your Chatbot approximately 15 minutes after saving.

Question Template Best Practices

Templates come preloaded with suggested text to simplify the customization process.  If you want to use the suggested text, you can complete any missing information and delete any text you don’t want your users to see before saving the question. 

Some templates will replace the General Library version of that question once customized. Some templates are questions that will not be answered by your Chatbot until you provide a response. The language under "Current Response" in each template will tell you which type of template it is.

Carefully customizing your templates with school-specific responses will increase the effectiveness of your Chatbot, boost your user experience, and reduce the number of interactions that need personal follow-up. 


Template Type Example

Yes/No sample text

  • Choose the applicable response.

  • Edit the text if/as needed for your school.

    • The goal is a conversational Chatbot → consider avoiding one-word responses.

  • Delete any text you don’t want users to see, like:

    • The incorrect option.

    • An empty fill-in-the-blank space.

  • Treat templates with does/does not and are/are not sample text options the same way.

Do you offer tuition insurance?

(1) If yes: You can visit this webpage ________ to learn more about tuition insurance.


(2) If no: We do not offer tuition insurance.

Multiple choice sample text

  • Choose the applicable response.

  • Edit the text if/as needed for your school.

  • Delete any text you don’t want users to see, like:

    • Options are not available at your school.

    • Leftover commas, slash marks, or blanks.

How do I get my 1098-T?

You will get your 1098-T automatically/by request in the following ways: online/by mail/other.

Your 1098-T will be available on [enter a specific date, month, or timeframe].

Fill-in-the-blank sample text

  • Complete the sentence(s) with blank(s).

  • Edit the text if/as needed for your school.

  • Delete any text you don’t want users to see, such as leftover blank spaces.

How long does it take to receive student loan funds?

Once you complete all of your application requirements, your loan funds will be paid to your account within ___ business days. Once issued to your account, we will issue you a refund of any leftover money within ___ business days.

Numbered list sample text

  • Explain the steps in your school’s process.

  • Add, remove, or change steps as needed. 

  • Delete any text you don’t want users to see, like:

    • Extra numbers.

    • Empty fill-in-the-blank spaces.

What do I need to do with my financial aid offer?

Once you receive your financial aid offer, you must take the following steps to confirm your financial aid:

  1. ____________________

  2. ____________________

  3. ____________________

Use variables to further streamline the customization process:

  • You can update information in several questions at a time, just by editing one field in the admin system. 

    • Example: Using !FAoffice-hours to represent your office’s working hours in responses means only updating a single variable--not several individual questions--if those hours change.

  • You ensure consistent and accurate responses.

  • You reduce the staff time required to maintain and update your Chatbot’s content.

  • Remember to weigh the effect of removing a variable or variable link before deleting it from a response!