Ocelot has three types of texting styles to help support your students. 

  1. Standard Campaign: Straightforward message with limited call to action for follow-up. This style is recommended for mass communication where delivering information is critical and engagement is less essential.
  2. Yes/No Message: Message with a call to action for follow up. This type of message is intended for high engagement and interaction with your students. 
  3. 1:1 Message: Private message with a single student. 1:1 messaging is for times when you have specific information or have a conversation with one student. 

Below is a list of examples that clients have used in the past. 

Standard Campaign Examples:

  • Hi #First_Name#, it's [AGENT_NAME] from !school. I see you signed up to chat when I visit [HS_NAME] on [DATE_TIME]. Looking forward to meeting you then!

  • Hi #First_Name#, glad you're coming to !school next !term. DYK you can still get fin aid $? File your CSS PROFILE today: https://cssprofile.collegeboard.org/

  • #First_Name#, TODAY is the deadline to add/drop classes for the !term. Log into !student-portal to review & finalize your schedule before midnight!

  • DYK the !ACADV-office offers help with transferring to a 4-year school? Make sure to take advantage of our support if a bachelor's degree is in your future!

Standard Campaign Examples (Bot Backed):

  • Congrats, future graduate! It looks like you haven’t applied for graduation yet. Try asking me “How do I apply for graduation?” to find out more!

  • Hey there, future [Mascot]! If you need help with the admissions application, try asking me “How do I apply for admission?”

  • Are you expecting a financial aid refund? Ask me “When will aid disburse?” to find out when to look for it.

  • Looking for something to do on campus this weekend? Ask me “What events are happening on campus?” for some ideas!

Yes/No Campaign Examples:

  • Are you planning on attending Orientation July 23rd - 25th?

Yes Response

Don’t forget to register at 'website'

No Response

Escalate to Needs Attention to find out why 

  • You received the ‘X’ scholarship last year but have not reapplied for this next academic year. Are you planning on reapplying for the ‘X’ scholarship?

            Yes Response

            Great! Here is a link to the application - ‘website’.

No Response

                        Thank you for your response! If you change your mind, here is the link to the application -  ‘website’

1:1 Message Examples

  • Hi [#First_Name#, my name is [AGENT_NAME]. I spoke with you at a recent high school visit. I wanted to follow up and let you know that your admissions application is almost complete. We are just missing your essay. Do you know how to submit it through your portal?

  • Hi #First_Name#, my name is [AGENT_NAME], we haven’t heard from you to see if you are interested in becoming a [MASCOT]. Do you have any questions on how to accept or decline admission?

  • Hi #First_Name#, this is your adviser [AGENT_NAME]. You recently scheduled an advising appointment but were unable to make it. Do you have any questions I can answer?