New client permissions are broken out by product. New users must be requested through the school's Permissions Manager. The form can be found on the Permissions page. Once a new user account has been created, the Permissions Manager at the school can update the user's access. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to update a users permissions, review the Adjusting User Permission Settings article. 

Permissions Manager

Note: It is not required for the Permissions Manager to have "Administrator" access to features.  The Permissions Manager may have the "Standard" or "Limited" role(s) and still be a Permissions Manager. The Permissions Manager role only provides access to the Permissions page.

This role must be assigned to users by Ocelot. Please contact your Client Success Manager to update or add Permissions Managers at your institution.

Permissions are broken out by product and roles:

FAFSA Simplification Digital Assistant

Chatbot Permissions

Live Chat Permissions

Texting Permissions