As a Permissions Manager, you have the ability to adjust user settings. 

Permissions Managers can adjust an agent's permissions on the Permissions tab of the admin. If you need to have a new user/agent created, Permissions Managers can contact their Client Success Manager for the form to make this request. 

You can remove a user's permissions by selecting 'None' on the Permissions page for each product. To remove the user from the list completely, you will need to submit a Support Ticket.

Changing permissions for users associated with multiple AI Chatbots:

If the permissions for a user are altered for one AI Chatbot, that change will also be reflected in all other AI Chatbots the user is associated with. 

For example:

  • A user has access to the Parent Bot, Child Bot A, and Child Bot B.
  • The Texting permission is changed to 'None' in Child Bot A, 
  • The Texting permission will also be changed to 'None' for the Parent Bot and Child Bot B. No longer allowing the user access to the Texting platform in the Parent Bot, Child Bot A, or Child Bot B.

Here’s how to adjust user permissions:

  1. Access the Quotas & Account drop-down. Click on Permissions.

  1. Navigate through the Product tabs to review who has access to each product. Only products that apply to your school will display on this page.

  1. Click on an individual in the list and apply the desired user role.    

If a user is already logged in, they will need to refresh their web page to see their new permissions. 

  1. If the applicable user needs to be able to VIEW all department content, click on the “Can View All Offices” button. This is the “Limited View Only Access” role in the Client Permissions Matrix.

  1. If the applicable user needs to be able to EDIT all department content, ensure that the “Select/Clear All” box is checked under the “Access Level” heading. 

  1. Otherwise, scroll down and choose which office(s) the user should be able to edit.



  1. Click Save

  1. For each user under your purview, repeat these steps for each product. 

Note that there are separate tabs for Chatbot, Live Chat, and Campaigns.