Once your chatbot is live on your web pages, get the word out to your community!

Want to ensure great product usage? Use the checklist below to become a gold-level promoter! 

Bronze-level: Start by casting the widest net possible
  • Emails   

Utilize our Communication Toolkit both for messaging content ideas (i.e. announcing the new chatbot to your community), as well as to integrate Ocelot into your emails to students and parents.

  • Social Media   

Let our social media calendars do the heavy lifting for the messages you post on your social media channels.

  • Auto-responses and office hours   

Reference the 24/7 availability of your chatbot on your voicemail, hold message, out-of-office emails, as well as next to postings of your office hours.

  • How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video
Link to the How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video in your chatbot promotions and/or in your chatbot’s welcome message. The video can be found in your GetAnswers portal.

Silver-level: In addition to the items above, grab attention through graphics
  • Custom Graphics   

       Choose from several promotional graphics to place in your email           signature, alongside your social media icons, on your website,   

       and electronic publications (e.g. newsletters).

  • Electronic Signage
      Request a custom version of our digital slide to ensure that the  
      service is promoted on your on-campus signage system. 

Gold-level:  In addition to all of the items above, highlight Ocelot through printable assets
  • Table Tents, Bookmarks, Posters, etc.
       Complete our Printable Assets Form to choose from a variety of printable assets that Ocelot will 
       customize and then send to you to print.
  • One-page Handout
       Request a custom version of our “Meet the Chatbot” one-page handout.

For customization requests, contact your Client Success Manager or open a ticket with the details of your request.

Once you've spread the word to your community, review our Tips for Ongoing Success.