Once your chatbot is live on your web pages, get the word out to your community!

Want to ensure great product usage? Use the ideas below to get the best usage from your chatbot! 

  • Embed the chatbot onto your school webpages
    • The more pages you embed the bot on, the better your usage will be! Make sure the bot is embedded on all of your office's webpages. You can even embed the chatbot onto your school's homepage! 
For information on how to embed the chatbot, review the Embedding the Chatbot article. 

  • Create a landing page
    • This is where you can provide more information about the chatbot for your users and help train users on how to ask effective questions!
    • Embed the How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video to help guide students on how to use the chatbot. (Available on your GetAnswers portal).
Examples: Here are a couple of examples for you to use to create your own landing page:

  • Update your chatbot's welcome message
    • Let your students know what office's the chatbot supports.
    • Link to the How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video in your GetAnswers portal 

  • Use the Callout Bubble
    • Data shows that using the callout bubble will help increase usage of the Chatbot! This will grab the user's attention and you can even customize the text shown in the bubble.
For information on how to update callout button launcher settings, review the Navigating the Admin: Look & Feel Page article.

  • Emails   
    • Utilize our Chatbot Communication Toolkit  both for messaging content ideas (i.e. announcing the new chatbot to your community), as well as to integrate Ocelot into your emails to students and parents.

  • Custom Graphics
    • Choose from several Promotional Graphics to place in your email signature or on your website, and in electronic publications (e.g. newsletters).

  • Electronic Signage
    • Request a custom version of our Digital Slide to ensure that the service is promoted on your on-campus signage system.

  • Table Tents, Bookmarks, Posters, etc.
    • Complete our  Asset Form to choose from various printable assets that Ocelot will customize and then send to you to print.
  • One-page Handout

For customization requests, contact your Client Success Manager or submit a support ticket with the details of your request.

Once you've spread the word to your community, review our Post-Launch: Monitoring the Bot article.