To assist clients in training/implementing the Ocelot products, we have created a training platform. 

There are 3 training platforms available for our clients:

The live chat and texting training platforms are available to train you on how to use the products. 

The training sessions are all less than 30 minutes to complete and provide in-depth training on how to use the products.

The chatbot training platforms are to assist in the implementation and training of the product. The chatbot requires customization to align with your school's language and policies. The chatbot training platform is broken out into 3 sections to assist with the implementation process. Each session is less than 10 minutes long.

To log in for the first time, new users will need to register for an account. 

*Once you have created an account, you will be able to login into all training platforms. 

To register your account, enter your school email address, first name, and last name. Select Create New Account. An email will be sent to you to create a password and then you can log in.