Transcripts show the historical record of campaigns and 1:1 Texting conversations. 

The access the Transcripts page, under the Texting section, click Transcripts.

Transcripts can be searched and filtered by a date range, office, Campaign, read status, and conversation mode.

Transcripts can also be downloaded into a CSV file. 

The Conversation Mode column is the most recent mode for the conversation 1:1 Text (Agent), 1:1 Text (Bot), Campaign (Agent), Campaign (Bot)

For example, if a campaign conversation started out as Agent-backed, but was switched to bot-backed, the Conversation Mode for that campaign, will now show as Campaign (Bot).

There are two types of transcripts: 

  • Campaign-Only transcripts will show only the conversation associated with a Campaign. 
  • Unsolicited/1:1 Texting transcripts are associated with a reusable phone number. All conversation history associated with that reusable phone number (1:1 Text/Unsolicited Messages/Campaigns) will be included in the transcript.

To view a transcript, click the View Conversations icon to the left of the name. 

Transcripts will be labeled with icons to represent if the interaction/message was associated with either a 1:1 Text or a Campaign. If you hover over the icon, it will say if it was a 1:1 Text or which Campaign the message was associated with.

1:1 Text Message


The Conversation Details show the contact Information from the most recently launched contact list the number was associated with (or phone number, if the number hasn't been used in a launched campaign), the date the conversation started, phone number, and who and when the conversation was reviewed by.

A conversation can be marked as read two ways:

  1. Viewing the conversation

  2. Clicking the circle icon to the far right of the conversation