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Ocelot has developed texting templates to help institutions engage and inform students about returning to repayment. Below is an inclusive list of the available templates and information on where to find them within the admin system.

  1. To access the loan repayment templates, select the plus icon in the top right-hand corner and select Create Campaign
  2. Select the Go button under the Ocelot Library option.
  3. Select Financial Aid.
  4. Search the template, by typing the title of the template from the list below. 

Template TitleTemplate PurposeTemplate Audience

Loan Repayment restarting

Notify students that loan payments will begin in OctoberAll students with a loan balance

Repayment Options

Inform students of repayment options

All students with a loan balance

Income-Drive Repayment (IDR) Plan

Encourage students to apply for an IDR repayment planAll students with a loan balance

SAVE Repayment Plan

Inform students of the new repayment planAll students with a loan balance

Loan Servicer Information

Encourage students to verify contact information is correct with their loan servicerAll students with a loan balance

Budgeting for Repayment

Encourage students to prepare a budgetAll students with a loan balance

Payment Amount and Due Date

Encourage students to find out their payment amount and due dateAll students with a loan balance

Auto-debit enrollment

Ensure students are enrolled in auto-debit to pay their student loansAll students with a loan balance

In-school deferment if re-enroll in college

Inform students of in-school deferment when enrolled in collegeStudents who have not completed a degree and have a loan balance

Fresh Start Initiative

Informs students of the Fresh Start programBorrowers in default

Delinquent Borrower Options

Inform students of payment plans to prevent loan defaultDelinquent Borrower Report

Missed Payment Consequences

Remind students of missed payment consequencesDelinquent Borrower Report

On-ramp loan program

Inform students of the on-ramp provisionsAll students with a loan balance