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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to testing the chatbot. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

How will "Test my Bot" work if I only have access to one office?

Clients are able to test any content within their chatbot. If the content is in the knowledge base, the question and response are displayed. If a staff member does not have access to edit that content, they will not see the Edit Response button. Client staff members are only able to edit the content within libraries they have permission to edit.

Who can see Out-of-Library (OOL) bot content?

Ocelot offers a wide range of chatbot libraries. When an institution purchases a campus-wide chatbot, they have access to all general library content across all of Ocelot's available libraries.

If a client purchases access to individual libraries, content from functional areas outside of those libraries are considered out-of-library (OOL). Clients may add up to 30 OOL questions to their knowledge base. Ultimate discretion remains with Ocelot to determine OOL content.

Example: The mission of most Housing offices is to maintain a safe and welcoming on-campus living environment. Custom questions about housing programming, residence options, and housing policies are considered in-library and do not count against your OOL limit.

However, custom questions about graduation, student health visits, or tutoring options fit in other content libraries.

OOL questions are not subject to office/department-level permission restrictions and are visible to all of a client's admin users.