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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to launching the chatbot. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

Do you have to embed the chatbot on every individual webpage?

If you are utilizing a page template (and have one parent page), you can add the chatbot embed code to the parent page and the chatbot will also appear on those child webpages. 

Otherwise, you will need to embed the chatbot on each individual webpage where you would like it to appear.

How do you update the chatbot launcher colors?

The header, trim, and linked text are customizable.

To request an edit to these colors, submit a support ticket outlining what you would like updated.

The following settings are editable on the Look & Feel page of the admin portal:

  • Button Settings: the position and button style of the chatbot
  • Launcher Settings: the text used for the display of the chatbot button and the callout text of the chatbot button
  • Welcome Message: the text used at the top of the open chatbot window 

For more information on editing the Look & Feel page, review the Navigating the Admin: Look & Feel article.

How do I embed my bot to sit above an existing button on the page?

To adjust the right and bottom placement of the code, add “?hv=25px&va=bottom&vv=95px&" to the generic/default embed code. 

You can adjust the “25px” and “95px” of the code to adjust where it sits. 

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ai.ocelotbot.com/embed/standard/803fe805-1ce1-43ac-899e-b2a0b2d714dc?hv=25px&amp;va=bottom&amp;vv=95px&amp;"”></script>

What is the best option for the launch button to show up small on a mobile device?

For the best mobile user experience, the simple-style launch button including the avatar will appear as a small circle on the user's mobile device.

If a client has enabled the callout bubble-style launch button, the first time the user accesses the chatbot from a mobile device, they will need to select the launch button to open the chatbot, and then close it. After closing, the smaller launch button icon will appear. Moving forward, the smaller launch button icon will appear each time the user accesses a web page where the chatbot is embedded from that mobile device.

How can I have the bot automatically load in the open position when the page loads?

To have the bot automatically load open when you visit a page, add "#bot" to the end of any URL where the bot is embedded. When you select the URL the bot will load open.