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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to live chat monitoring. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

Transcripts FAQs

What will I see in the live chat transcripts?

What is seen in live chat transcripts will depend on your permissions and what happened before the conversation was sent to the live chat agent.

If the user interacted with the bot, the transcript will show the user's interaction with the bot and the live chat agent. 

If the live chat end-user interacts with another agent, and you do not have permission to their office, you will only see interactions with the bot, and with any offices you have permission.

Why can’t I see the Analytics or Transcripts section?

Access to the Live Chat Analytics and Transcripts pages is determined by your permissions level. Please have the Permissions Manager at your school review and update your access as needed.

For more information on permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article. 

Managing Agent FAQs

How can I see which agents are active?

You can see which agents are active for your department by visiting the Who's Online page.

All live chat users with access to more than one department will have a roll-up of all users, presented as a global statistic. Active agents will be identified with a green dot next to their name. Inactive agents will be identified with an orange dot next to their name. Each user can scroll to view all agents with access to live chat within their department. 

For more information, review the Live Chat Who's Online Page article. 

Can I log off another live chat agent?

On the Who’s Online page, agents with administrative-level access can log out individual live chat agents OR can log off the entire department by selecting a button. 

For more information, review the Live Chat Who's Online Page article. 

How many live chat agent seats do I have available?

The number of licensed live chat agents able to use the live chat feature can be tracked in the admin portal on the Contract Quotas page which is available in the Quotas and Account menu. 

For more information, review the Contract Limits for Live Chat article. 

Why don't I see all my Live Chat agents on the Who's Online or Quotas & Account pages?

If you have not logged into your account for the first time, you will not show up as a live chat agent on the Who's Online page and you will not be counted as a Licensed Agent on the Quotas & Account page in the Admin Portal.

Once the agent receives the invitation from Ocelot to create an account (via email); the agent will need to complete the access request by signing in to the admin portal. Once the agent has logged in for the first time, the agent's name will be reflected on the Who's Online page and the agent will count toward the number of Licensed Agents at the school.