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View more office button

When an end user is either requesting to initiate, a Live Chat conversation or the Chatbot encounters an “IDK,” or “I-Don’t-Know”, a View More button will appear if there are more than seven office options.

Live Chat

Reduce live chat queue "check-in" wait time

Live chat end users will receive a message stating they are in the queue and someone will be with them shortly. This message will display every two minutes to the live chat end user.

Live chat away notification option
Live chat notification setting to alert live chat agents when they are no longer available if they have timed out or if a live chat administrator sets the agent as unavailable through the Who's Online tab. 

Live Chat Authentication: New Behavior Settings option to hide Student ID 

When setting up Live Chat Authentication, you are able to determine if you would like to display or hide the student ID in the live chat active conversations>conversation details section.