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Getting Started

Prior to adding clarifying questions to a knowledge base questions, review the Creating Clarifying Questions article for the foundational steps of this process.

This section of the user guide focuses on adding clarifying questions to a knowledge base question.  To help you navigate this article, we have broken it down into two sections:

Adding Clarifying Questions to a Knowledge Base Question

  1. Once clarifying questions have been created, questions can be modified to add/edit clarifying questions through any of the areas where questions/responses can be created and/or accessed: Test My Bot (once the question is tested in the bot), General Library, Custom Questions, Question Templates, and In Review and Draft.  

    To add a clarifying question to a knowledge base question, you can either edit an existing knowledge base question or create a new custom question.  

    Note: If adding a new custom question, be sure to test the question first to make sure it does not already exist in your knowledge base.

    In both the Edit Question and Create Question pages, there is a General Details tab and a Custom Responses tab. The fields on the General Details tab are required for all knowledge base questions, while the fields on the Custom Responses tab are optional for adding clarifying questions.

    For more information on how to complete the General Details tab, review the Creating and Editing a Knowledge Base Question article.

  2. On the Edit Question or Create Question page, select the Custom Responses tab to add a clarifying question.

  3. In the Custom Responses section, there are four steps to complete.

    1.  Select Clarifying Question(s). All clarifying questions that have been configured in the Clarifying Questions Library will be displayed. At the top of the section, you can search for the clarifying question you would like to select. You can select as many clarifying questions as you would like to ask a chatbot user. 

    2.  Presentation Order. Use the arrows to the left of the clarifying question to set the order of the questions that will be presented to the chatbot user. 

    3.  Create Custom Responses. You do not need to create a custom response for every available option(s). Any option(s) where a custom response is not provided will display the Default Response. Select Add a Response.

    a.   From the clarifying question dropdown fields, select one or more choices. (There will be a dropdown for each clarifying question selected)

    If all of the choices would be selected for the clarifying question, select Not Applicable. If there is no other custom response that relies on the outcome of that clarifying question, the question will be skipped for the chatbot user.

    b.  Create the custom response for the choice combination configured.

    c.  Select the save custom response button to add the response.
    Continue adding responses until all choice combinations have been configured where you want a custom response. Once the custom response has been added, it can be previewed, edited, or deleted.

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    • The Preview icon shows what the chatbot user will see when the chosen path is presented. *If multiple choices are available for a clarifying question in the path, then only the first choice will display in the preview.
    • The Edit icon allows you to change the choices and the custom response.
    • The Delete icon allows you to delete the custom response. The chatbot user would receive the default response.
  4. Select Save as Draft or Save and Publish. 
    • Save as Draft - creates a draft that can be reviewed later and published. These questions will also appear on the In Review and Drafts page, on the Drafts tab. 
    • Save and Publish - will publish the question and it will be made live within your knowledge base.

Save and Publish questions will move into the Moderation Queue, where it will go through a review cycle and approval process to ensure effective AI functionality prior to going live. This process can take as little as 15 minutes for questions that already existed, or up to a maximum of 2 business days (although more often only a few hours) for newly created questions.

Testing Clarifying Questions

Once live, utilize the Test My Bot tool inside the admin portal to ensure intended functionality.

Here is an example of what it looks like to test a clarifying Question:

For more information on how to use the Test my Bot tool, review the Test Your Bot article.