Multi-bot transcripts and interactions deliver a consolidated view of chatbot transcripts and chatbot interactions for multiple bots. Chatbot - Administrative users accessing a parent bot have an additional filter in chatbot transcripts and chatbot interactions to filter for child bots. 

Chatbot - Administrative users can access the chatbot filter by navigating to the parent bot. Under the Chatbot section, click on either the Transcripts page or the Interactions page. 

On the right-hand side, select the filter button. 

The chatbot filter contains all the child bots and the parent bot. Multiple bots can be selected in any combination. The default will show either parent transcript or interaction content only.

Transcript and Interaction filters and results for the parent bot respect office permissions granted in the parent bot. Therefore, a Chatbot - Administrative in the parent bot will be restricted to only those transcripts and interactions for the offices in which they have been granted explicit permissions but can see all child bot transcripts and interactions for all offices. 

If the need arises to filter child bot transcripts and/or interactions by office, then you will need to navigate to the individual child bots' transcripts and/or interactions and filter by office.

For Chatbot - Administrative users in the parent bot, transcripts and interactions pages display a column called “Chatbot” which displays the name of the bot (i.e. institution name). This column can be sorted by clicking the column header. This column is included in the exported/downloaded transcripts and interactions CSV.

Parent bots can edit questions and add responses in their own transcripts and interactions, but cannot edit or add responses in the parent bot for child bot transcripts and interactions. When a transcript or interaction is opened, an “Add a response” button for an IDK response will be present. 

If you select Add a Response, the Create Question page will appear with the Content Sharing toggle engaged.

To edit a response or create a new question for a single child bot, the user would need to access the child bot directly.

Note: Child bots can never see any other bot’s transcripts or interactions.