This section of the user guide focuses on multi-bot analytics. To help you navigate this article, we have broken it down into the following sections:

What are multi-bot analytics?

Multi-bot Analytics delivers our clients a consolidated view of chatbot analytics for multiple bots. Chatbot - Administrative users accessing a parent bot have an additional filter in chatbot analytics to filter for child bots. 

Chatbot users will have the office filter if there are multiple offices associated with the chatbot. Office filters can only be applied to parent bot office analytics. 

Analytics for child bots will reflect total analytics. Analytics by office can only be accessed on the child bot's analytics page. 

Who has access to multi-bot analytics?
Multi-bot analytics is available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I access multi-bot analytics?

  1. Under the Chatbot section, select Analytics
  2. On the right-hand side, select the filter button. 

    The chatbot filter contains all the child bots and the parent bot. Multiple bots can be selected in any combination. The default will show parent analytics only.

    The total/aggregate analytics adds all statistics from all selected chatbots.

    The analytics will display for each chatbot selected. Hover over the dots/blocks to view totals for a specific chatbot in any of the available graphs.
Note: Child bots never display the chatbot filter.