In addition to the permissions listed in the Ocelot User Roles & Permissions article, outlined below are the permissions related to content sharing: 

  • Parent bot: 

    • Chatbot - Administrative users with permissions to a parent chatbot have permission to share content, edit shared content, and unshare previously shared content. They can only delete content if the content is unshared first. 

    • Chatbot - Standard users with permissions to a parent chatbot do not have permission to share content or edit shared content, but they can still edit unshared content.

  • Child bot: 

    • All users - No child chatbot users can edit or delete shared content. Child bot users cannot share content with a parent, sibling, or any other bots.

It is also important to understand how changing user permissions in a multi-bot environment works. Please review the Changing an Agent’s Permissions article for more information.