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Chatbot training can be completed in just 1 hour through a combination of the articles and videos below.

  1. Watch Video Training Sessions

    All users should walk through the brief online training videos at https://chatbot.get-counseling.com.
    New users will need to create a new separate account to log in to this distinct system.

  2. Attend the live training session
    • Your Client Success Manager will hold a 1-hour live training session via video conference to review the system and the implementation steps below.

  3. Review Admin Permissions (as needed): The admin portal is where staff will test, customize, and navigate the product.
    • Initial admin users are collected in the set-up forms. Additional user access can be requested through your Permissions Manager
    • Once an admin user has been set up by Ocelot. The Permissions Manager can adjust their users permissions as needed. 
    • Each admin user will have a different level of permissions.

      For information on the user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article. 
      Permissions Managers, for information on how to adjust user permissions, review the Adjusting User Permission Settings article.

Once training is complete: